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Thursday, 19 April 2012 09:19

Deliverance Remake to Begin Filming in Fayetteville

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Daymar Productions announced that production will begin in June on the remake of the 1972 classic movie "Deliverance". Principle filming will take place in the Summersville and Fayetteville areas in the New River Valley Gorge area.

Adam Sandler has been cast as Lewis Medlock. Medlock's role was portrayed by Burt Reynolds in the original movie. This is the second time Sandler has starred in an old Reynolds role. Sandler said, "I followed Burt in "The Longest Yard." He was really great to work with. He was my hero growing up. Who knows, maybe I'll get to play his role in a "Smokey and The Bandit" remake. But, I'll tell you now, no "Stroker Ace" or "Cannonball" remakes for me. That's when things started going bad for ol' Burt."

Vince Vaughn will reprise Jon Voight's role as Ed Gentry and Kevin James will fill the role of Bobby Trippe. Ned Beatty earned popularity when he protrayed Trippe and his character was raped in one of the most famous scenes from the original movie.  James, known for his roles in "The King of Queens" and "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" said, ""Deliverance" was one of my favorite movies. Growing up, you can see yourself playing the hero role of Lewis Medlock. No one wants to play the Bobby Trippe role but then again, I've really got that pig squeal down pat. But as a fat kid, I wouldn't go into the woods for years."

The movie is expected to be a big boost for tourism in West Virginia. Fayetteville Mayor Tom Summers said, "White water rafting is big business in these parts. We get thousands of thrill seekers every year. We just hope people don't stereotype us because of the movie, though. The first movie gave us a sort of a black eye because people associated West Virginia with in-bred, banjo playing, crazy mountain boys. That really ain't us at all, very few even play the banjo.  Instead, We hope the movie showcases the mountain beauty that West Virginia is known for."

Daymar has not yet announced plans to hire locals for extras and additional crew.  Check their website [LINK] for details.

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